Keep It Complicated


Keep It Complicated

A complicated man keeps it complicated
a silver-tongued devil come to play
crafts his stories to keep them guessing
won’t let words get in his way.

A complicated man likes his chaos
always up for something new
waging war on those who question
the exciting things he wants to do.

A complicated man will have it his way
charming them, so they can’t tell
doesn’t care whose lives he’s changing
smiling as he drops his bombshells.

A complicated man keeps it confusing
you’ll never know what’s on his mind
keeping it simple is simply boring
sometimes the blind, does lead the blind.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2018

Written with my friends at dVerse~Poets Pub. The prompt was to pick a poem and answer it with a new poem in the same style. Say Something Simple is the poem I picked and Keep It Complicated is my answer.

Say Something Simple

A simple man keeps things simple
starts with a letter makes a word
extends a sentence to a paragraph
makes one fly off like a bird

A simple man likes to be at peace
always at ease collective and calm
not letting anyone ruffle him
turning it all to be a healing balm

A simple man is a real economiser
making sure nothing is a waste
so everything is used to the full
adding a flavour to make it taste

A simple man likes not to elaborate
for some people just can’t understand
so keeping it simple is always safe
for many heads get stuck in the sand!

Copyright © Gordon McConnell | Year Posted 2018
From Poetry Soup

23 thoughts on “Keep It Complicated

  1. Love the contrasting voices — Well done Bekkie!
    But, hmmmm, are we suppose to choose between simple(S) and complicated(C)?
    Is it a false dichotomy?
    Here are the dichotomies you ACTUALLY present well to us:

    Communicate Honestly(?S) — Keep Guessing(C)
    Likes the New (C) — Likes the Familiar (?S)
    Wages war on questions (C) — Likes to Question (?S)
    Cares for others(?S) –Doesn’t care for others (C)
    Prefers calm (S) — Prefers exciting (C)
    Efficient, not wasteful (S) — Excessive (C)
    Does not mind taking a chance (C) — Prefers safe(S)

    Given these dichotomies and not the over simplified of C vs S, I don’t know how one could even begin to reductively choose. But maybe I am being simply complicate.
    😉 [thanx for letting me play]

    Liked by 1 person

        1. But I am curious to hear you respond to my comment, to see how you took it. As I did to your poem. On posts, either I leave very simple comments or more complex ones to show I am actually engaging and not just trying to bait someone to read my poem.

          Liked by 1 person

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