Yes, the world
run by men
hasn’t been kind to me.

If I want something
like equal pay
fair work practices
or unbiased treatment in general
I get shrugged off
like a second,
or third thought.

I’m allowed to live with them
vote and pay taxes with them
have children with them
told I’m one of them
but behind closed doors
in secret meetings
and the White House…

Heck, right to my face
it never changes
my rights are spurned
taken away, ignored
I’m told what to do with my body
given less
when so much is expected of me.

It’s like I don’t have the right sticker
to enter their nightclub
no amount of money
or the right designer labels
will ever do
I’m one of the people who
won’t get in.

I have always been
under someone’s thumb
sometimes I don’t even know them
they watch what I have
and take what they want.

And here I come
running like an ignoramus
clutching my last rights to my chest
better have the correct documents
out of breath and limping…

I keep what little is left
I make the best of it
I don’t have to like it.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2018

I animated this artwork found through a Google image search. The search only brings up Standford University and no artist. As a woman, this is the only way I know.

Written and shared with my friends at dVerse~Poets Pub for open link night.

21 thoughts on “Spurned

  1. I will never understand why it continues to be taken for granted that women will always be inferior to men in every single way—not a tiny minority group, 50% of the planet. Freedom fighters everywhere fight for male rights, not human rights, or at least not ‘equal’ human rights.

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  2. Wow, Bekkie, that’s the best rant I’ve read for a while! I’m right there with you,
    ‘running like an ignoramus
    clutching my last rights to my chest
    better have the correct documents
    out of breath and limping…’

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  3. You are not alone in your sentiments these days; that’s for sure. In all honesty. the men in my life have mostly treated me well, but I realize that is not every woman’s experience. I hope things get better for you and for all of us.

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    1. I hear you there, Sue. For my job, I was a woman in a field filled mostly by men. It was a real struggle and we still haven’t been excepted. I’m retired now and glad of it. I never did get paid half as much as them.


    1. Excellent rant. The male mind is the cause of much suffering. They say Bonobos are the only fairly peaceful primates because the females can bond while the males don’t. It is deep in our code – unfortunately.

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