Lines And Wrinkles

Lines And Wrinkles

I found a photograph
taken on my behalf
it was a moment seized
for which I’m unappeased
showing off my age
it sent me in a rage!

My eyes to me looked glazed
my wrinkled skin amazed
I hold to this belief
age causes most my grief.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2018

Written for the prompt reflecting on mirrors with my friends at dVerse~Poets Pub. When I think of mirrors I can’t help but think of aging.


6 thoughts on “Lines And Wrinkles

    1. Lol! That’s why I like you, Frank. As a woman, this has happened to me especially lately as I’m now 63. I don’t really fly into a rage but I’ve seen others do it. The last line really rings true for me though.

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  1. beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder …. and if youth equals objectification, then it can get stuffed. That being said, to age with grace, and assurance, confidence in the wisdom and life lessons hard won and earned, then certainly this is Truth and Beauty in its finest moments. Of course, being treated respectfully, regardless of gender and appearance is at the core.

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    1. I like getting older, we become much better people but the change in looks is very hard (at least for me) to take. Not because I’m not as beautiful on the outside, I don’t like how I’m treated by others now. I don’t like being looked at as “yesterdays goods.” I don’t get looked at like I used to in so many ways. Such is life. Thank you, Bjorn, a fun prompt.


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