Money, pays the rent
but before the month is over
all your money’s spent.

Money, not the most important thing
but if you don’t make enough
you’ll be living on a shoestring.

Money, some have it all
they’re treated like royalty
while we worship their beck and call.

Money, with it you can be president
beware of false prophets
you’ll be wondering where your money went.

Money, it’s just fancy paper
you can’t even eat it
yet it’s a world shaper.

Money, it’s something we all need
but if you can’t get a job
you cannot succeed.

Money, it doesn’t seem fair
its exhausting making ends meet
living on hope and a prayer.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2018

Not to be confused with the Pink Floyd song, Money. Image: Google search from The Jetsons. Written for the prompt money with my friends at Poets United.


20 thoughts on “Money

  1. Interesting that we can’t eat, hope or prayer…and money doesn’t taste good, but it can buy something to eat. I think it is called a “necessary evil,” life is harder without it.

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    1. It’s true, sometimes “hope” isn’t worth the breath taken to say it. Lol! And prayer, well, so many people and so many different religions, it can get mucked up in translation. Such is life.


    1. Every one of us knows the struggles of money. Not wanting to care about it, yet being forced to deal with it. When you get old and find out how much you’re really worth it’s a fatal blow. Lol! Thank you!


      1. I have resolved to die before I get old. I am 66 and counting. Yes it is hard not to think of money – you can’t buy food for free and electricity wants to be paid for. Even Oreos come with a price!

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        1. I’m going to be 64 in May so we are in similar boats. I’m finding out how much I’m probably going to be living on in the near future and it’s not very comforting. When I was a young punk I used to say I would die before I turned 30. No one over 30 was worth anything. Now I cringe when I think of that. Lol!


          1. To misquote Jimmy Buffet: I made enuff money to buy Miami but I pissed it all away. Lordy, when I was young, I was wealthy. Then I got married, got older….now I am poor. Thank goodness it doesn’t cost anything to write poetry!!!!

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  2. Love this! It is a swift moving thing, an exhausting thing–the need, the search for work, the “hope and a prayer.” You’ve written a song that reminds me of the WW1 song about landing an aircraft on “a wing and a prayer.” The repetition of money as the thing you are defining works wonderfully. Moving.

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    1. Thank you, Susan! Your comment made my day. I remember now that you mentioned it “a wing and a prayer.” There’s probably some country and western songs like it too. Hee hee! Some nice work for this prompt from everyone. Hugs!


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