The End Is (Near) Here


The End Is (Near) Here

Discovering new medicines
prolonging life and more
it wasn’t enough to save us
not many could afford.

Grocery shelves were empty
nuclear reactors failed
the planet overcrowded
the toxic air inhaled.

The dumping and the oil spills
went on with no relief
it all went in the water
to percolate beneath.

”The end is near,” the soothsayer wrote
his words died where he lay
no one was left to notice
the end was here today.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2018

I couldn’t help but write a second poem for this prompt I had so many thoughts about it. Money isn’t the only evil, we are an imperfect people with more of us born on this earth every day. I believe there will be a day of reckoning and hope it goes better than this. Written for the prompt money with my friends at Poets United.


10 thoughts on “The End Is (Near) Here

  1. “The end was here today.”
    In a way you’re so right, calling for a radical change in heart and in “where we put our money” today, right now. But there is this worldly illusion that lets us put off this urgency. It says, and most believe, that we can kill the planet today, and save it tomorrow (with the riches we made destroying it.)

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    1. I know! It’s so insane. Once we destroy (and we already have) certain things we can’t bring them back or make them. Crazy stuff going on today if you ask me but then all people start feeling that way when they reach a certain age.


  2. This is where we’re headed, sooner than some might think… a species, we seem to only know how to react, rather than be pro-active. Cleaning up all the natural disasters will cost far more than taking strong measures to address climate change would have – but there are no visionaries leading us any more. Other than the teens now speaking up.

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  3. What a horrifying picture–literally and figuratively! The contrast from first verse to the rest is stunning. Disaster certainly “percolate[s] beneath.” I hope it is not too late, but feel the DT is trying to assure it is with all the protections he is removing so his friends can profit.

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