Tanaga #31718 (Faded Clover)


Tanaga #31718 (Faded Clover)

I found a four-leaf-clover
I picked and turned it over
now I’m the lucky holder
both fade as we grow older.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2018

I’m not Irish with a name like Sanchez but I found this 4 leaf clover decades ago in Indiana and put it in this old prescription bottle (they used to be glass with plastic stoppers in my dad’s day) where it’s stayed to this day. I’ve never taken the top off but I doubt it’d hurt it much although it could crumble now. I think I’ll leave it be but wanted to share it with my Tanaga today.

Written with my friends at the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads for St. Pat’s Day.


28 thoughts on “Tanaga #31718 (Faded Clover)

  1. Thank you, Bekkie. This was a fun read. Guess we should all keep our four-leaf clovers, mine have had a picture taken but the flower is gone. It’s a fun Tanaga, the rhyme words you picked added a lot.

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  2. A lovely souvenir. No, don’t open the bottle! I found quite a few when I was a child, but I have no idea what became of any of them. I like your tanaga, with the little twist of philosophy at the end.

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