The Capture


The Capture

An ice crystal begins
high in the clouds
a freezing water droplet
attaching to a dust particle
as it falls back to earth
water vapor freezes
building the six arms of the snowflake
no two are alike
as they plummet
towards my open mouth
where the new snowflake
the color of water
melts on my tongue
tasting of ozone and triumph.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2018

Source of photo: Alexey Kljatov, animation by me.

This is a “found poem” where I took a part of something I found and used it in a new poem. Yesterday was the first day of spring but some aren’t feeling it yet as the snow sticks around. Written for the prompt color with my friends at Poets United.


25 thoughts on “The Capture

  1. It’s a beautful image you’ve made from the words you found. Where did you find them? (I suspect some source more drily scientific than what you turned it into.)

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    1. You are so right and it still sounds a little stiff but I tried. I do like “found poetry,” I think it’s a fun form. When I was looking at images I found the article on how snowflakes are made.


      1. Yes, I love found poetry too, but seldom seem to find suitable sources. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places! I think your write is magical … but maybe science is magical, too, really. 🙂

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