The Understanding


The Understanding

I know you…
that form
your many moods
how you make me feel.

I know you…
your sense of humor
your timing
your rhyme and reason.

I know you…
because our understanding
runs deep
poetry lives in me.

Poetry lives in us.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2018

Written for the prompt of poems with my friends at Poets United. The image is from the Pink Floyd album Tree Of Half Life by Storm Thorgerson.


20 thoughts on “The Understanding

  1. I know you…
    because I am you.
    Our understanding runs deep

    It is most heartening to know oneself. Not many can do it. Not many can avoid living in denial!


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  2. when it’s from a place/space of knowing … the words are.
    and when it’s not from this space/place …. the words are.
    and it’s in the trusting we thrust and move forwards to come to know. and the words —

    lovely poem.

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