River Revival


River Revival

Rest your troubles by the water
when your whole world goes astray
just enjoy the trip down river
as your troubles wash away.

Dragonflies dance on the surface
as the fish bob up to feed
watch the ripples moving outward
and forget about your needs.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2013

Artist unknown.

Trying to join in writing and sharing poetry again with my friends at dVerse~Poets Pub for open link day. Took some time off and trying to get back into it with a share from the past.


26 thoughts on “River Revival

  1. kaykuala

    watch the ripples moving outward
    and forget about your needs.

    The ripples can mesmerize just as much moving out in circles. Wonderful close Bekkie!


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  2. This is so great, it is melodius, it needs a strumming guitar and a bridge. I love those dragonflies, I am a dragonfly lady partially (part dragonfly, part Monarch chrysalis… it’s a wee bit complicated, but anyway, I want those dragonflies to BE CAREFUL as the fish bob up to feed. Do I have permission to step in to your lovely poem and warn them “hey dragonflies!! WATCH OUT FOR THE FISH!” Bekkie, forgive my silly mood just now, but this is a great relaxing rhyme/song.

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    1. I love your silliness!! Yes, you can warn them. I want everyone to have a good time going down river.

      When I go biking I often watch the dragonflies and sometimes (if I’m lucky) get a picture. I got a picture of a praying mantis a few weeks ago.

      You’re allowed to put music to it. Thank you, Lona!

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    1. Thank you, Grace! It’s been very trying with the air quality here in my parts. I’ve been biking with an N95 mask on. Sweaty and itchy to wear but at least I didn’t lose everything like my fellow Californians. It’s been stressful so just relaxing today.


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