I want to take you everywhere
and show you what I see
but you take me for granted
and just walk all over me.

When you find me charming
and you take me somewhere nice
you still go off and leave me
never seeming to think twice.

All I do is wait for you
pedestrian of me,
if you treat me like a walkway
then your walkway I will be.

Rebecca Sanchez © 2015

This photo was taken by me in Oakland, CA.


8 thoughts on “Walkway

  1. Loved your poem Bekkie.. And yes if we continue to be a victim and allow others to walk all over us, they we become a walkway.. So true…
    May you keep riding your path of enlightenment Bekkie as you heal outwardly and inwardly..
    And May your road always be smooth and be filled with Love and Happiness my friend..
    Happy 2020 Bekkie… And Way, way beyond ❤
    Much love my friend

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        1. Better late than never hey, Sue? I’m writing at a new prompt site called earthweal where they have prompts and poetry for a changing earth. Right up your alley. So far, it’s fun. You have a great weekend!

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      1. Besides biking I’ve had some hard times these last 5 years but I’m hoping things take a better turn soon. Had some great news recently so hoping it works out. You are like a shinning star my friend, always positive, always around, and lighting the way to better things on this planet. I love you! We’ve known each other for some time now, huh? I hope 2020 is the year for all great things. I’m going to keep riding and evolving and clinging to this crazy planet. Thanks for stopping by! Be seeing you online. Hugs and kisses!


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