When Honesty Honestly Doesn’t Pay


When Honesty Honestly Doesn’t Pay

What if a small lie…

Could help the truth slide by
help someone who’s gone astray
sometimes it’s just the best way.

What if the small lie…

Would help someone feel better
make the world a nicer place
save another person’s face.

Honesty is the key
it’s plain to see
it’s a great policy;
to some degree.

What if the truth hurts…

Just remember to keep it small
it can get you through another day
when honesty honestly doesn’t pay.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2020

Written with Poets And Storytellers United for an open prompt (originally Poets United.)


28 thoughts on “When Honesty Honestly Doesn’t Pay

  1. We have two rules in our house:
    1. White lies are perfectly okay. It is a fine untruth in that it makes things better rather than keeping back. It saves harm or loss from happening. And is not malicicious.
    I learned these from my mother. Google the term for more.
    2. It is not a sin to tell a lie where no harm is done and it is not malicious. About like the other although those are many times blessings. (My rule or idea)

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  2. Problem is that lying even a little begins a big hole. One doesn’t know where it will lead, but as said in the comment above, one doesn’t have to tell everything one believes to be the truth. Except in the way of helping someone. Then I think exculpatory evidence needs to be told.

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