Watching me
watching you
pupils dilate-

Eyes that judge
fill with tears
smiling eyes
eyes that fear.

Expressive eyes
when words may fail
kiss with a look
they tell the tale.

Showing the world
how we feel
windows to the soul
secrets revealed.

Body language
has nothing on eyes
what you see inside
can’t be denied.

© Rebecca Sanchez 372020

Written with my friends at The Sunday Muse #98 for this image prompt. While writing this I had to fight the urge to Dr. Seuss out. To be fair, I also had the David Bowie song Eyes Without A Face in my head so I’m lucky I came up with this. Lol!



31 thoughts on “Windows

  1. It’s all in the eyes Bekkie… Lovely poetry…. Stay well my friend, and looks like you are all prepared… with the masks.. Have you thought of goggles too??? I am not being flippant.. Virus’s spread via the open eyes too…
    Sending Love your way my friend… Keep positive and not fearful…..
    Much love and Hugs… ❤ And wonderful to catch up a little.. ❤

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    1. Nice to hear from you again. I’ve actually been riding my bike since I do it alone or with one other person. The bad news is people are pouring out of their homes (with their kids) onto the Bay Trail. They are in groups, don’t isolate, block the trail and make it hard on the people following the rules. I don’t want the authorities to rule out bike riding altogether because then I would go nuts. I don’t know when it will all end. Probably not for a long time and then what will the world look like? Things are getting worse every day and people are reacting badly. A little kindness goes a long way let’s hope people don’t forget that. Hugs and kisses! Stay safe!

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      1. Yes unfortunately this is bringing out the best and the worst in people… our restrictions are similar… We can exercise only once a day… in no more than two, at a safe distance..
        We exercise in our allotment plot, planting our seeds and preparing… We are at a safe distance from other plot holders who are doing the same.. We may need our food come harvest, if we can keep it from being stolen… We are planting more than we need in order to share it…
        Keep riding…. our freedoms are seriously going to change.. ❤

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  2. They eyes are sooo very interesting, they tell so very much. Just before I came here I was looking at the eyes, wondering what the persons who had allowed hers/his to be in the pictures might be seeing or thinking. You had as nice list, perhaps a couple came from Bowie’s song. I liked the rhyme also, yours look simple but it must have been hard with only two word lines. Good Job!!!

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  3. An enjoyable poem, indeed. It exudes delight in every stanza, partly due to rhyme, partly because you see the differences. When I looked at the art, I saw a frightening sameness and didn’t imagine beyond it.

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