World Under My Wheels


World Under My Wheels

The world runs under my wheels
I watch it go by from my saddle
north, south, east, west
I ride whichever way I feel.

My peddling is rhythmic and even
like meditation, it moves me
from here to there I fly
I concentrate on my breathing.

My bicycle makes me feel blest
it doesn’t pollute or damage
people smile as they watch me pass
and I smile back refreshed.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2020

Written for my friends at earthweal open link weekend #11. I decided on an upbeat new poem about something that always cheers me up.


6 thoughts on “World Under My Wheels

  1. Scale is everything, isn’t it! Driving I isolate in a hunkered air conditioned cabin, one of a vast damaging frenzy of commute. Riding a bicycle — that’s right-sized, part of, and a joy. A smile and a wave to the bicyclist who passed by here! – Brendan

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  2. I LOVED cycling in my 40’s……..I biked for an hour and a half every evening, it was like a meditation, out into the countryside…………..I miss it, now that my knees cant handle cycling or even too much walking. But I remember how it felt, and through your poem, I experience it vicariously (which is how I live now if, indeed, I live at all. LOL.)

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    1. Things have been so much better for me all around after getting rid of my crippled knees and legs. My riding has improved (which I thought couldn’t happen) 10-fold. The surgery was the hardest thing I ever did. I can be thankful I had it last year after all of this craziness. Of course, you live and enjoy your surroundings, Sherry! You’re a great writer, a lover of the planet and so much more! No more of this down on yourself talk now. We all get old and the body wears out. I just hope I don’t wear out my new knees, it can happen. Take care and big hug!!!


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