I’m A Cheshire Cat


I’m A Cheshire Cat

I’m a Cheshire Cat
I got no cares
got a smile on my face
as I float through the air.

I’m not your normal cat
my fur is coarse and thick
I can be any color
and that’s not my only trick.

I’m a magical cat
with golden yellow eyes
I have a great big head
for my very small size.

When invisible I seem
you know that I’ll be there
I’ll reappear on cue
and never have a care.

Yes, I’m a Cheshire Cat
and that is that.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Poets United.

Bambi Came To Dinner

deer tom chambers

Bambi Came To Dinner

Bambi came to dinner
ate all the fresh flowers
nibbled on the tablecloth.

Alice drank from a bottle
became too small to sit at the table
all she wanted was to fit into that dress.

Micky Mouse showed up late
kept dancing with the food
he was acting goofy.

The roast beast sidled up to me
asking what cut I wanted to eat
I told him he was too rare for me.

I never figured out who the host was
I didn’t get a bite to eat
afraid the food would bite me back.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Magpie Tales and Dverse~Poets Pub.