Haiku #62816(a) & b


haiku #62816(a)

deep woods hush
birdsong breaking silence

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016


haiku #62816(b)

summer’s song
surf meeting sand
music of the ages

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Photograph of the beach on the San Francisco Bay taken on a bike ride by me.

Written with Haiku Horizons.


Just My Bike And Me


Just My Bike And Me

Wetlands passing by
the waterbirds feed
it’s a very good day
on San Francisco Bay.

To be out of the city
yet see it ‘cross the bay
even foggy days
it’s there on display.

Wind in my hair
just a gentle breeze
sun hot on my back
as I follow the bike track.

The sharp salt smell
clicking of the gears
the songbirds sing
colors on the wing.

Drifting down the trail
I feel like I’m flying
at peace so quietly
just my bike and me.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Shared with Poets United.

Lake Michigan


Lake Michigan

Knee-high dune grasses
slice delicate skin
as I walk.
Droplets of blood

My sneakers squeak
in singing sand
under the hot
noonday sun
as I climb
Mt. Baldy.

Over the
whitecaps of
Lake Michigan
l spy Chicago.

Blinding light
reflecting off dunes
and water
remind me to find
my sunglasses.

I fish them
from my back pocket
retrieving bro

                           ken frames.

© RebeccaSanchez2013