A pill a pill to kill my ills
a magic potion just for me
once a day to make me chill
I take my tablets happily.

A pill a pill to kill my ills
a capsule for my aches and pains
my doctor has a special pill
for every sickness that I feign.

A pill a pill to kill my ills
a gel cap for my troubled brain
pills that rob me of my will
but next week I will still complain.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2014

Our society has a pill for almost everything we can think of and a horrible problem with addiction. Sometimes the drug is worse than the illness and fills an emotional need rather than physical. Addiction hurts not only you but the people around you and impacts your life in a negative way. Just because they are easy to get doesn’t mean it’s ok to take them. Be strong!


Life Beware!


Life Beware!

Steel mills belching smoke into the lifeless horizon
orange cotton candy clouds offering no smiles
through the evening soup, the shorebirds flew
black specs flung against the colorful stained canvas
the unfeeling glorious sunset silhouetting
a sky painted into a death grin.

Life beware!

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

Although we’ve all had our share of bad news I took the dark artistic route. I had this animation of mine and wanted to use it. This vision is only cautionary.

Written with Poets United.