Mother’s On The Moon


Mother’s On The Moon

It’s almost the month of June
not quite yet the end of May
my mother’s on the moon
and there is where she stays.

She fell in love with a man
the man she saw in the moon
coming up with a perilous plan
to go in a makeshift balloon.

I watched through a telescope tense
as she made her frivolous flight
it caused some earthly suspense
but she made it that very night.

Towards the end of a lovely June
their love blossomed and grew
bringing forth a second moon
but no one was feeling blue.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

In modern use, when 13 full moons occur in a year, usually one calendar month has two full moons; the second one is called a “blue moon“.

Shared with Poets United.

Technicolor Wings


Technicolor Wings

I sail night skies with technicolor wings
the moon smiles up at me and sings
dripping stardust ‘cross the velvet sky
my shimmering wings make angels sigh.

No one can sail as high as me
the stars they wouldn’t care to disagree
light as a feather with my gossamer wings
I play hide and seek in Saturn’s rings.

Venus winks at me as I glide by
straight through the Milky Way I fly
the sun is coming up I see it’s glow
so quickly, back to Earth I go.

As my feet they touch the ground
morning finds me home, earthbound.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Imaginary Garden With Real Toads and shared with Poets United.

Daily Devotions


Daily Devotions

Sometimes unappreciated
poetry can be complicated
loyal to my inner muse
I look to write without excuse
I search for prompts so that I might
devote some time and try to write.

On the internet to play
sites with different prompts each day
not just a place to link you see
my friends are always there for me.

Poetry written line by line
something I can make all mine
need to write, what can I do?
Pen a poem and share with you.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Poets United and Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads.

The Déjà vu Effect


The Déjà vu Effect

Déjà vu is on my mind
messing with me all the time
just when things familiar seem
that’s when life resembles dreams
feeling I’ve been there before
but knowing I’m not anymore
it’s just my mind playing tricks on me
it’s not the same it’s plain to see.

Yet déjà vu it seems so real
when everything familiar feels.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads.




LOL is hard to quit
I use it too much I admit
of all the words I type each day
most comments seem to end this way.

There might be other words to use
yet LOL is what I choose
this acronym just seems to fit
oh LOL, I’m stuck with it.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads for Poetry Of The Ordinary.

Ten Digits


Ten Digits

Ten digits is what I own
ten fingers made of bone
not nine, not three
ten digits serving me.

Ten digits is what I use
ten fingers to amuse
two thumbs, eight fingers
ten digits that never linger.

Ten digits is what I love
ten fingers fit my gloves
ten phalanges help me so
missing one I’d surely know.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

The doctor is in, Dr. Seuss that is.

My first love of poetry and rhyming was because of Dr. Seuss! His books of fantasy and amazing art through rhyme influenced me greatly at that tender age.

Let’s see if I can to do him justice in this “Toads Play It Again” challenge.

Written with Imaginary Garden With Real Toads.

Shared with dVerse~Poets Pub on 3/15/16 for open link.