Plant Of Joy

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Plant Of Joy

An international symbol
of those who die in war
a symbol of peace.
So what do we fight them for?

War is the poppy of mankind
it’s a drug we can’t live without
the flower the color of blood
in empty battlefields they sprout.

We crave war’s victories
and the freedoms we think it brings
but one side has to lose
one side has to die
and it’s not the side that’s right
or the side that’s wrong
it’s the side that kills
and the side that’s strong.

No matter how long peace reins
there are always men dreaming of war
no matter how many people die
no matter what is being fought for.

War is an ungodly practice
so often done in the name of God.

© RebekkaSanchez2015

Magpie Tales 293

Old Tomes

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Old Tomes

Putrefied remains lie on shelves
a mausoleum of words and ideas
overcome by the scent of old glue
stained pages of yellowed nostalgia
displayed like teeth in a death grin.

Dog-eared threadbare hardbacks
every one of them a tiny coffin
rotting patiently for generations
silently stalking to be discovered.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2013

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