The Creamy Center In You Melts My Hard Candy Shell


The Creamy Center In You Melts My Hard Candy Shell

I have a digital urge
saved only for you
I press the on button
zeros and ones flow
following circuit board traces
passing through logic chips
capacitors charging and discharging.

I see your face in the screens light
and there you are in High Definition
receiving you sharp and clear
streaming over Wi-Fi
your sound surrounds me fully
animated emotions run unchecked
flashing through my preferred player
initiating a protocol saved only for you.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2018

Written for, and shared with my friends at Poets United. Love can take many forms, just like poetry.




What’s your password and username?
So much information to retain
to me, it’s undeniably clear
we’re being controlled by mad puppeteers.

A barrage of strangers asking me
extremely private questions-constantly
I’d like to find a better way
if only I’d lived in another day.

An innocent time when life was good
when one still lived in their neighborhood
the internet was still a dream
and people relaxed by real streams.

My parents said life then was hard
but now I’m judged by credit cards
a government that has no clue
and I take it all like a proper fool.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Poets United.

Daily Devotions


Daily Devotions

Sometimes unappreciated
poetry can be complicated
loyal to my inner muse
I look to write without excuse
I search for prompts so that I might
devote some time and try to write.

On the internet to play
sites with different prompts each day
not just a place to link you see
my friends are always there for me.

Poetry written line by line
something I can make all mine
need to write, what can I do?
Pen a poem and share with you.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Poets United and Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads.




LOL is hard to quit
I use it too much I admit
of all the words I type each day
most comments seem to end this way.

There might be other words to use
yet LOL is what I choose
this acronym just seems to fit
oh LOL, I’m stuck with it.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads for Poetry Of The Ordinary.

Nobody Knows

myphoto (3)_thumb[2]

Nobody Knows

You liked him on Facebook
you sent him a Tweet
you follow on Google
in chat rooms you’ll meet.

You re-share his posts
and know him quite well
but he has a secret
that he’ll never tell.

For he’s a real dog
and he’s fooled everyone
and no one will guess
cause his secrecy’s won.

So next time you see him
he will not disclose
online he’s a dog
but nobody knows.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

Slaves Of Tiny Screens


Slaves Of Tiny Screens

Walking down the busy street
or running errands, the routine
everybody’s eyes are down
searching little back-lit screens.

When I am on the freeway
I can tell by how you drive
that you aren’t looking at the road
I’m shocked that I survived!

They look like you and me
with faces that familiar seem
they’re everywhere we go
these slaves of tiny screens.

Going out to meet my friends
it’s getting hard to intervene
we have so much to catch up on
yet all the talk’s about the stream.

They look like me and you
the consequences unforeseen
when there’s no interactions
except with tiny back-lit screens.

It makes me want to scream!

© RebekkaSanchez2015

I animated my cell phones and tablets live wallpapers just because I could the above is my old cell phone.

The Cybernaut


The Cybernaut

She didn’t play well with others
she had some abnormalities
she didn’t like the real world
she believed in her own reality.

She built herself a firewall
that no one’s ever breeched
obsessive-compulsive screen addiction,
a woman very hard to reach.

She only has eyes for the avatars
she won’t even meet you halfway
she already has what she’s after
on her Apple computer’s display.

© RebekkaSanchez2015

Magpie Tales 287