my package delivered
box of 20 masks
made in China

© Rebecca Sanchez 2020

What a conundrum!





We all hide behind masks
cowering from our vulnerabilities
steeped in our inabilities.
If someone catches a white lie
or a small truth
another mask is born.

When we want to look our best
with wrinkles and imperfections gone
hiding from the realities of it all
another kind of mask comes into play.

When we love someone deeply
effortlessly we slip the mask
so sweetly we part the sheets
together we discover the divine truth.

But the moment it’s revealed
we retreat back to what we know best
the mask firmly back in place.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2015

We wear many masks during our lifetimes. How many people can you say know the real you? We don’t mean to hide but life can be very trying to say the least. Love does not guarantee that you see beneath the mask.




Losing face…exposed!
I once again compose this weak flesh
into something impenetrable
as I construct my new disguise.
Hammering smooth the offending lines
mouth set just so-
eyes placed to hoodwink
the thickness of my skin gauged.
Confident of the mask
feeling somewhat copasetic.

© Rebekka Sanchez 2015

Shared with Poets United.