Safe Within


Safe Within

I see no evil.

I keep my eyes cast down
invisible blinders moderating
every new madness broadcast,
“Watch this, you must see this, don’t miss this!”
Better not to look at all.

I speak no evil.

I have nothing more to say
staying quiet is best
one word always leads to more,
“I want, I need, I think.”
Better not to talk at all.

I hear no evil.

Mental earplugs firmly in place
blind, mute and now deaf
the only way is staying safe within.
“Why don’t you wake up and join the human race?”
I can’t hear you!

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

Sometimes inner voices are pushed away with the best of intentions.

Written with Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads and Poets United.

29 thoughts on “Safe Within

  1. These days, seeing no evil and hearing no evil might imply walking around with earmuffs, indeed… and bumping into all sorts of stuff. Thank goodness that we can, at least, control the evil we speak or choose not to speak.

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  2. Again you make me burst out in laughter with your perfect satire of our position, indecision , lacking wisdom in dilemma.

    “…“Why don’t you wake up and join the human race?
    I can’t hear you!”

    You know that is funny. Like my daughter’s “whatever?”
    This piece covered our insensitivity to what is going on.
    Thanks for the planform 🙂

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