Romantic Keys

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Romantic Keys

Going solo is never easy
he didn’t have time to orchestrate
their meeting impromptu
the right keys were struck
their lovemaking an improvisation
his technique professional-
yet expressive.

She called him a virtuoso
it was like a fantasy
he felt it was reminiscent of a song
delicate nuances were there
but he was unprepared for romance
he preferred to play solo.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2/29/2020

I looked up Frédéric Chopin (because it was on the music sheet) and seeing the beautiful woman by the piano decided to use the words I found about him and his music for a “found poem.”

Written for The Sunday Muse #97 for this image.


26 thoughts on “Romantic Keys

  1. Tut, tut, Beckie. Playing Chopin solo might be more satisfying for one lacking confidence, but playing Romance with a partner is much more satisfying when playing with a partner regardless of experience or confidence. Plenty would like to teach if needed. I will not relate to that here, just know.

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  2. I met one of those professional suitors who preferred to play solo, but was very skilled at wooing. Grrrrrrrr. I enjoyed your found poem. And love that the words are from a write up on Chopin! How cool.

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    1. This one was fun and I do love to write for images. I found everyone’s takes enjoyable. Thank you for turning me on to the writes. I like the low key attitudes here. I got behind this week but am reading late and will be back especially for one of your prompts. Big hug!


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