Treasure Tale


Treasure Tale

In days of old when ships did sail
across the ocean broad and blue
the Vikings came to St. Ninian’s Isle
where rape and pillaging did ensue.

In Shetland nineteen fifty eight
a discovery found that changed the deal
a re-discovered medieval ruin
is where they found the Pictish seal.

He found a slab marked with a cross
a wooden box all sealed up tight
and when the contents were reveled
a silver-glint shown in the light.

A treasure found beneath a church
or was it buried by the Viking’s hand
the silver hoard of aristocrats
found on Scotland’s bonny sands.

© RebekkaSanchez2015


15 thoughts on “Treasure Tale

      1. I don’t think I ever intended to deny rhymes are cool. I just mentioned I am ambivalent about them. In the hands of an experienced poet they are like diamonds. But used by amateur poets they make the subject matter come across frivolous and funny. You did a great job!

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