Twinkle Toes


Twinkle Toes

With toenails painted deep maroon
accompanied by Saturn’s croon
my twinkle toes will play a tune
on cosmic keys to nodding moon.

I play on madly as a loon
as Mars is acting a buffoon
my tiptoed tune will make him swoon
’cause I don’t want him woke too soon!

© Rebecca Sanchez 2014

Published here for the first time from Picturesque Words. Image from NASA files.


Nuns And Sunflowers


Nuns And Sunflowers
(My tribute to Fellini.)

A long afternoon spent
in a field of ripe sunflowers
my faded picnic blanket
a magic carpet.

The ultraviolet rays
sing my body a warm lullaby
my hands stop worrying
at the worn threads of my mind
as goldenrod heads gently nod
in blissful agreement above me
nature doing Fellini proud
(or is it just me?)

As the day settles into the heat
the visions start to fade
but before the spell is broken
I see myself surrounded
by nun’s in old habits
collecting seeds and planting sunflowers
(I am not alone.)

My last thought of course
like a hummingbird’s sweet kiss
settles on you.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

Written for my friends at Poets United seeking the extraordinary from the ordinary and my tribute to Fellini. Also shared for open link at dVerse~Poets Pub. Artwork animated by me.