I was told there would be cake
a delicious flavor just for me
yet I grow tired of lingering
I’m crumbling into pieces
my life stale and tasteless.

I was told there would be cake
yet I find no sweet treat today
my kitchen sits spotless awaiting
the glorious gooey sticky mess.
Will I ever find that recipe again?

I was told there would be cake
as the years go by the craving grows
sitting alone at a table set for one
wondering if I’ll be left
holding an empty plate.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

Picking a protest sign to write about linking with Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads. Divorced twice with no children I still dream of finding that special man to share the rest of my life with. That would take the cake and be sweet indeed.

23 thoughts on “Cake

  1. I like this Bekkie. Thank you for the background. I was single for three years and wasn’t looking for a wife when Mrs. Jim found me. Now we’ve been married for 44 years. My Mom told me a lot, “You won’t find a nice girl in a bar.” I am not sure why she told me that. But anyway, that isn’t always true, especially with all the time passing since she last told me.
    I am glad that you used that sign, I had found it but you did sooo very good I would have had to hang my head and write another (I’m not real proud of what I did but it’s on the calendar, Number 12).

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    1. Was that a hint to look in bars, Jim? Lol! I’m so happy you did find Mrs. Jim. I just got time to read today on Easter Sunday so I haven’t got to yours yet but after this I’m reading them all.


  2. I can’t help thinking, ‘Oh honey, go make your own cake!’ but I am not quite sure how that translates into real life. Maybe via emilie’s suggestion? And/or a bit of magic: write down everything you want in a man. Don’t leave anything important out, e.g. age-group, politics, geographical location…. Then read it through; then file it away in the back of a drawer and try to forget about it, trusting that the Universe will now go to work to manifest your dream man. If you are a bit thick about picking up clues, like me, add to the list what you are to be given as a sign, when he turns up, that this is The One. (You get to decide what sign will work for you. Make it within the realms of possibility, but not so common you could dismiss its significance.)

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    1. I like that! Although I’m not much of a witch I dabble in Tarot cards, spells, rocks for healing and more. I like the New Age stuff. I am really going to do this and I’ll let you know how it turns out.


  3. The ending is so sad, but well written.

    So I find that very intriguing … a cake flavor that exists just for you. What would it taste like? What combinations of flavors/toppings/decorations would you mix together to get your own unique recipe?

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    1. I think maybe I disguised the fact that I’m waiting for a man in my poem too well. Lol! The flavor just for me would be the right man when, or if he comes along. A man around my age, good looking, kind and in shape would be enough for me. Thank you, Emile, for your sweet comment.


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