My Bicycle


My Bicycle

Everywhere I go
it goes too
it keeps me healthy
I’m never blue.

Two rubber wheels
they take me far
there’s no pollution
unlike a car.

It feels like flying
my spirit’s free
wind in my hair
the birds chase me.

It’s good for most everyone
young or gray
practice makes perfect
today’s the day!

My bicycle
can’t be outdone
it keeps me young
while having fun.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2017

I took this selfie in a mirror window I pass by during my rides on the Bay Trail in the San Mateo, CA area. I bike 20-30 miles every other day taking photographs of nature it keeps me happy, healthy and young. If you’re interested in biking, my photos of the Bay Trail or health tips check out my website Bike With Bekkie.

Written with pleasure for my friends at Poets United. Thank you, Susan! Also linking to my friends at Imaginary Garden Of Real Toads.


30 thoughts on “My Bicycle

  1. I genuinely envy you, Bekkie. I rode some when I was young. Tried again in my late twenties, but by then my back had become the dictator of activities. The only place I can do that now is in my dreams. And that does happen on occasion. Your joy is contagious…


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    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I had some back problems when riding but figured out I was putting my back into it when I should be using my legs. Once that happened, the back problems went away. Sometimes it’s just a matter of learning to relax while peddling. I hope your back isn’t too bad now.


  2. Very impressed at the miles you are covering. Biking is a passion for some. I like the idea of an electric bike….I still remember the hills….no thanks:)

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  3. I went straight to your website. If I had seen that before I might have stolen images for this prompt! 20-39 miles! Wow. And so for all the benefits, including fun, you’ve got it covered. I hope this poem ends up in the cycling magazines and promotions. Fine picture, too.

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    1. Thank you so much, Susan! It would sure thrill me if it did. Lol! Thank you for visiting my site I’m glad you enjoyed it. Those miles go by much too fast when I’m out riding. It is magical. I sure enjoyed this write as you can tell.


    1. Thank you, Phil! I never knew I could love a thing made of metal but I do. Exercise in general has done amazing stuff to this one time loser. I’m so thankful I found the power to pull off this change so late in life. Bless you, you’re such a wonderful friend. Big hug!

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