What’s your password and username?
So much information to retain
to me, it’s undeniably clear
we’re being controlled by mad puppeteers.

A barrage of strangers asking me
extremely private questions-constantly
I’d like to find a better way
if only I’d lived in another day.

An innocent time when life was good
when one still lived in their neighborhood
the internet was still a dream
and people relaxed by real streams.

My parents said life then was hard
but now I’m judged by credit cards
a government that has no clue
and I take it all like a proper fool.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Poets United.

24 thoughts on “Identity

  1. Each step forward we seem to lose a part of ourselves to others control. Sadly there seems no compromise for we must comply. There is no need for robots for we are becoming them.

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    1. We sure are! The internet is not the problem as much as all the red tape we have to go through. When they started asking for the last digits of our SS numbers, now that bothered me. If they have that much, what keeps them from getting the rest?


    1. Of course, but I’m talking about the negative things it’s done to us and the personal things (like using the last digits of our SS) that I don’t agree with. I do love the internet it’s just the way we have to prove our identity now. I’m so glad we met!


  2. Insightful. I especially like this:
    “the internet was still a dream
    and people relaxed by real streams. . . . ”
    Hah! Instead of streaming! Very fine indeed.

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  3. So true. I never thought I would say growing up in the seventies and eighties were simpler times, but in many ways they were. My kids won’t get the joys of arcades or movies in the mall or hanging with friends while cruising in their cars.

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    1. I so hear you! I actually grew up walking to school and loved it. There’s so much traffic in the Bay Area that even I don’t enjoy cruising in my car anymore. I can’t imagine what it will be like after we are gone and they are old.

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