Haiku #91116 a and b


haiku #91116 a

as autumn charms
cold winds send summer scattering
’round the bend

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016


haiku #91116 b

a hole in our hearts
still on the mend

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

bend and mend (2 weeks of prompts)

Written with Haiku Horizons and shared with Poets United.


22 thoughts on “Haiku #91116 a and b

  1. Bekki, I always luv your animations and these no doubt, no less. Thanks for those poignant haiku reminders of 9/11
    That hole you spoke of, the world shares and as Magaly said even in tryin to fill it with worth, we do need to remember ; how it got holed in the first place

    much love…

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  2. I love the first haiku, for I’m a sucker for anything that tells of Nature’s brilliance. I see summer turning the corner to the beat of your poem.

    The second piece poses such a difficult question… I don’t think that whole can be mended. I don’t think it should. Perhaps, we should fill it with wonderful lessons and better things… while never forgetting how it came to be holed.

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