Under Summer Skies


Under Summer Skies

Under summer skies we played
fair and blue on Warrington Lake
we jumped in waters stained with clouds
swam through lily pads out to the raft
leaped into the cold and deep
muck sucking at our feet
while fish nibbled at our white skin
giggling and screaming all the while
of course, someone would always cry
later on forgetting why
for memories are always kind that way
when the family meets for summer play.

Hiking ’round the lake for fun
picking winterberries and wildflowers
while watching for bears
changing clothes with biting horseflies
lake perch that grandpa caught
with bread and fresh blueberries
this and more I do remember
wonderful times I’ll treasure forever
for memories are always kind that way
when the family meets for summer play.

© Rebecca Sanchez 2018

Thank you, everyone, for the summer skies and fun back then! Love always, Bekkie

Written for my family (you know who you are) in memory of my cousin Jay Banasyznski who passed away recently. I was happy to see him 2 years ago at the wedding after not seeing him for 40 plus years. When I think of him now I picture him as an always smiling big kid, like when I last saw him most.


Jay really hasn’t changed much here. Jay (left) and Uncle Gene (right) at the wedding. I took the picture of Warrington Lake on this visit to Uncle Gene’s place. Love you.

Written for the prompt summer with my friends at Poets United.


35 thoughts on “Under Summer Skies

    1. Wisconsin (northern) was just woods with fire lanes back then. The fish would see our white flesh under water and think it was food. Sometimes the bites hurt and used to creep me out. There are still bears! My uncle lives on the lake still and said a mother with 2 cubs came through the other day. They get the smaller brown and black bears.

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    1. I’m happy it did because many of us do have these kinds of summer memories. Thank you, Robert! Sorry it took me so long to answer I couldn’t get online for awhile but I’m back.


    1. He had been sick. Chemo every month for the rest of his life and he was only in his late 50’s. One of those people who had a tragic life but smiled through it. When I saw him I made it count because I knew I’d never see him again. I got to tell him how I appreciated growing up with him and loved him. It made his passing much easier. What a major blessing that was indeed! Hugs!


    1. Life on a farm is like that. Money poor, but good food and the relationship with nature makes it rich. Bread is something everyone in history has in common with us it’s almost like air. Lol! Big hug!


    1. That lake is so special, and still pretty much the same. How many areas can you say that about nowadays? Someday I suppose it will be fully commercialized but not yet.


  1. Makes me nostalgic as I read this. No matter where we are from, we all have those memories that were created beneath summer skies. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  2. Lovely write Miss Bekkie. The imagery is fantastic. I can picture Warrington Lake in my mind’s eye. A beautiful tribute to your cousin chock full of many memories.

    Condolences on the loss of your cousin Jay:-(

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